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A Few of Treat’s Films

A Few of Treat’s Films

I have three of Treat’s films for you. All of them Treat pretty much had small parts, but he no less made the most of his screen time proving yet again what an amazing actor he is. I think though Treat and James Franco are following each other around. The two were in two films together, each quite different. They are:

• (2013) REACHING FOR THE MOON — The film takes place in the 1950s and Treat plays Robert Lowell, a poet and stars actress Miranda Otto as American poet Elizabeth Bishop.

• (2010) 127 HOURS — Treat plays James Franco’s father in what could loosely be called a cameo. Treat has no lines in the film that depicts the harrowing 127 hours that climber and caver Aron Ralston’s fight for survival after falling into a crevasse while out enjoying nature. Ralston had to resort to cutting his arm off in order to free himself from the fall.

• (2010) HOWL — Treat plays the part of Mark Schorer who testified in court about the early work of Beatnick poet Alan Ginsberg and the writing of his book Howl.

Please check out all these films. They are all amazing and though Treat’s roles are minimal, that does not detract from the fact they are quite good Indie flicks.

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