Happy Birthday Treat

Happy Birthday Treat

On behalf of TREAT WILLIAMS ONLINE I’d like to wish Treat the happiest of days. He turns a still spry and young 71 today and I wish him good health, good wealth, and most of all the happiness of his family and friends on this day.

Treat Williams 2019 Event Images Complete

Treat Williams 2019 Event Images Complete

Like the last post, I’ve completed the events Treat attended during the 2019 year. Among them was a special screening of his film HAIR where Treat played the part of George Berger. Also at the screening were Treat’s wife, Pam, and his son, Gill.

Treat Williams 2018 Event Images Complete

Treat Williams 2018 Event Images Complete

I’ve finally gotten around to getting the remaining images I have of Treat attending various events for 2018. The featured image is of Treat with his lovely daughter, Ellie.

1979 – “Hair” Official Trailer

1979 – “Hair” Official Trailer


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20 November
Southern Living
Treat Williams Shares Sweet Family Christmas Tree Tradition











“Blue Bloods” – E12X03 Protective Measures HD Screencaps & Stills

“Blue Bloods” – E12X03 Protective Measures HD Screencaps & Stills

Treat made a return visit to BLUE BLOODS this season as Lenny Ross. Here are the screencaps and stills from the episode titled Protective Measures. I’m also including some stills I’ve collected from his other episodes. Enjoy.

Happy Birthday Treat

Happy Birthday Treat

On behalf of TREAT WILLIAMS ONLINE, I’d like to wish Treat the happiest of birthdays. He celebrates 70 years on this earth and we are delighted for it. Please sped it with Pam, Gil, Ellie, and all the animals.

Welcome Back to Treat Williams Online

Welcome Back to Treat Williams Online

Welcome back to TREAT WILLIAMS ONLINE. I’m sorry for the off and on nature of the site, however, it couldn’t be helped. I had a massive hacking on my previous host and the site was pretty much destroyed. I had to do a complete reconstruction of the site from various backups. Unfortunately some of those didn’t have all the information I needed in terms of some of the photos on the main site. Also my two previous hosts were bitching at me as to how large all my sites were so they bumped this site. I’m still in the process of getting the various sections updated and getting some new content up soon. Please be patient. In the meantime please feel free to browse the gallery section, which you can find if you click on the link in the menu at the top of the page. I still have more to do in terms of adding featured post images and finalize some of the design, but I thought I’d post the new layout because it’s so lovely.

Happy Brithday Treat

Happy Brithday Treat

On behalf of TREAT WILLIAMS ONLINE I’d like to wish Treat the happiest of days. He turns a very young 68 today and here’s hoping he’s speding it with Pam, Ellie, and Gil and having a ball.

“Blue Bloods” Update :: 2 Episodes

“Blue Bloods” Update :: 2 Episodes

I’ve finally caught up on Treat’s last two episodes of BLUE BLOODS where he plays Lenny Ross. The two episodes are Two Faced from season nine, and The Real Deal from season ten. The screencaps are in the gallery and the clips are in the media section. You’ll find those linked below.



Recent Videos:

2:44 min   |   77 views
“The Great Alaskan Race” Trailer

“The Great Alaskan Race” Trailer

Treat has a new film coming out in October. It’s called THE GREAT ALASKAN RACE and chronicles the race to get the diptheria vaccine to communities in Alaska before the disease takes the lives of children in Nome, Alaska. Treat’s character is Dr. Welch, the doctor who is trying valiantly to save the lives of as many children as he can. It looks like an amazing film and by the scenes of Treat in the trailer, he’s going to break hearts.

Treat Williams Online Is Back

Treat Williams Online Is Back

We’re finally back online. I’m so sorry for the lengthy downtime, but the site was hacked and I had to be meticulous with cleaning it up. Since my prior host was vulnerable to hacking I had to move to to another. The only problem is that the database that contained the main site information was corrupted and I had to completely rebuild the site via an archived copy of the site. That was extremely tedious and had to be done with the utmost care so nothing was left out. Thank you to anyone who stuck with me and who has found us again. You’re amazing. So now we’re back, let’s get busy.



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Treat Williams :: Quotes

Treat Williams Quotes

• (2011, on filming Deep Rising) Fun. Just fun. I loved that movie. Just six months of freezing cold water up in Vancouver, Canada. But a great cast, some of whom have become very big movie stars since then, and a wonderful director with a great mind, Stephen Sommers. Just a really terrific, great guy. Probably the most energetic director I’ve ever come across. I’m proud of that film! I think that film’s fun. Unfortunately, it came out right on the heels of Titanic. Once you’ve seen one boat sink…

• (2011, on filming Hair) Probably the greatest film experience of my life. You know, throw on a pair of jeans and a vest and walk out of my apartment, walk into Central Park, and start shooting. It was so cool. I mean, a lot of prep, a lot of hard work on the singing and the dancing and all, but once we had that down, we started working in the park, and it was just really, really fun. I loved John Savage and Beverly D’Angelo, and Milos Forman is one of the great filmmakers of all time. That was really an honor to be a part of.

• (2011, on filming Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead) Probably one of the most iconic, interesting scripts. Scott [Rosenberg’s] script, he created a new language that I just thought was amazing. And Gary Fleder, with whom I’ve remained very good friends, he’s a wonderful director. Great guy. When I came in and said, “I think Critical Bill doesn’t have a bathroom in the apartment, but he has to pee, so how about he pees in plastic bottles?” And someone said, “What if we have the plastic bottles lined up?” So everybody had these kind of weird, fun ideas, and then Andy [Garcia] started playing with the idea that the apartment smelled, so he’s got the handkerchief through the whole scene. We just had a blast. It was a really fun, creative, open environment, and without Gary and Andy, I don’t think Critical Bill would’ve come to life. But it really was one of my most fun roles. I’m really proud of that character. He was really fun to play. It’s very difficult to make it work when someone’s that far out on the edge of reality, but I think as a team we kind of pulled it off. And, I mean, look, you’ve got Andy, Christopher Walken, Jack Warden. Oh, man, Jack Warden. Who gets to work with Jack Warden? That was so cool. To have Jack Warden actually describing your character to the audience? That’s one of the greatest honors I’ve ever had in film.

• (2011, on filming The Phantom) Fun! You can see my teeth marks all over the screen. I chewed it up. But I had a blast. I mean, I don’t think the film quite works, but I love Simon Wincer, the director, and Billy Zane was a lot of fun. The thing that was fun about that was that I’m a fan of the ’30s screwball comedies and ’30s-style acting, which was that balls-to-the-wall, all-American acting. It reminds me of the guy who starred in the original King Kong, where everybody’s, like, “Say! We’re gonna do this! Hey, let’s take this bar and turn it into a theater!” You know? I always thought that Xander Drax was kind of like Clark Gable on acid. So I had a lot of fun with that. Again, I was given a lot of leeway, and I just had a blast, saying stuff like, “The skulls of Touganda!” All that stuff was so much fun. If I’m not having fun, I don’t really want to do it.

• (2011, on filming Prince of the City) You know, I was very young, but it’s an extraordinary journey into the dark side. I realized seeing it 30 years later, as difficult as it is to see myself learning my craft on film… It really was an American tragedy, watching this guy try and find his way back from being corrupt. But you can’t go back. You cannot undo it. And by trying to undo it and control it, he brought down the entire Special Investigations unit, and the New York Police Department changed. It’s really an extraordinary job on Sidney [Lumet’s] part. It’s a great study in the human condition. It’s a big film. It’s big emotionally. It’s operatic. It’s a great, great film, I think. I wish I’d had more experience and been a little older when I did it, but it’s the best I could do at the time, and I’m very proud of it.

Treat Williams: Basic Facts & Milestones

Treat Williams: Basic Facts & Milestones

Basic Facts

  • FULL NAME: Richard Treat Williams
  • BIRTHDATE: 01 December 1951.
  • BIRTHPLACE: Rowayton, Connecticut; United States of America
  • BIRTH SIGN: Sagittarius — The Archer
  • HEIGHT: 5’10”
  • HAIR: Light Brown
  • EYES: Blue
  • FATHER: Richard Norman Williams, a corporate executive
  • MOTHER: Marian (née Andrew), an antiques dealer
  • SPOUSE(S): Pamela Van Sant; Born: 10 February 1955. Married: 25 June 1988.
  • CHILDREN: Son Gill Williams (B: 1992; Daughter Elinor Williams (B: 1998).
  • EDUCATION: Kent School, Connecticut; Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States.
  • FORMER JOBS: ????

Miscellaneous Facts:

  • The nickname “Treat” comes from one of his maternal ancestors, Robert Treat Paine, whose signature appears on the Declaration of Independence.
  • Certified Flight Instructor, rated in single and multi-engine airplanes and helicopters.
  • In 2003, completed two weeks of training to qualify for flying jet engine planes.
  • Andy Brown, Williams’ character on Everwood (2002), was ranked #43 in TV Guide’s list of the “50 Greatest TV Dads of All Time” [20 June 2004 issue].
  • Was invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) in June 2004.
  • Graduated from Kent School, the same high school that Ted Danson, Peter Farrelly and Seth MacFarlane attended.
  • He also is certified as a flight instructor.
  • Holds a type-rating for Cessna Citation jets.
  • Has owned a Clipped-wing Cub, Cherokee 180, Seneca II, and a Navajo Chieftain which is used for family travel between homes.


  • 1969: Williams’ high-school football coach, who was also a flight instructor, offered to train him in a Piper Super Cub. Williams became an FAA instrument-rated commercial pilot with privileges in both single engine and multi-engine airplanes, rotorcraft.
  • 1979: Played the part of George Berger in the Milos Forman film Hair.
Treat Williams

Treat Williams


— Just some facts on Treat and some milestones.


— Read a bit of Treat’s life.


— Some quotes credited to Treat throughout his career.


— Some trivia related to Treat.


— A little on the meaning of Treat’s name.


— Learn a little bit about the day Treat was born.

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The Return of Everwood?

The Return of Everwood?

Looks like we might be getting that reboot of EVERWOOD. Series creator and showrunner Greg Berlanti is saying it might happen. Considering how busy Treat is I’m wondering where he’d fit it in unless there were a limited number of episodes.

Everwood has a “real shot” of making a comeback, says series creator

Without Chris Pratt though, right?

By Rianne Houghton 15 May 2018

Despite coming to a close over 10 years ago, classic US series Everwood might one day be making its comeback.

(Without Chris Pratt, we’re guessing though.)

Arrowverse legend and the series’ creator Greg Berlanti has recently revealed that the soapy drama has a ‘special place in his heart’, and that the door to Everwood has never really closed.

Speaking to Variety, the successful producer singled out the show for the potential revival treatment, saying that there’s “a real shot” it could return for a fifth season.

“Definitely of all of them, Everwood is the one that has a special song in my heart,” he admitted. “I think it’s about schedules and finances and budget.

“If we can get a budget to a place, I think that there’s a real shot that that could come back. I think we just have to figure out what would be the best way to do it, but there’s nothing firm in place yet.”

Everwood originally aired on CW forerunner The WB from 2002 through to 2006 before it was cancelled. The series followed Dr Andy Brown, played by Treat Williams, as he and his family adjust to life in the new town of Everwood following the loss of his wife.

As well as starring genuine A-lister Chris Pratt, the series also starred Gregory Smith, Vivien Cardone, Revenge’s Emily VanCamp and Debra Mooney, to name but a few.


397 Event Images Added

397 Event Images Added

I finally was able to get almost 400 event images of Treat up in the gallery. It took some time to sort these so forgive the lateness as I got these around the middle of March. They are mostly from 2016, 2017, and one from 2018. They range from film festivals where some of Treat’s films were entered, to a couple of events for Treat being honoured in his capacity as a pilot, to a twenty year reunion for the cast of Treat’s CW series EVERWOOD where he played the beloved Dr. Andrew Brown, and several for his Hallmark series CHESAPEAKE SHORES where he plays Mick O’Brien. I won’t be posting each event individually as there’s over twenty of them. Instead I’ll post the links to each section in the gallery and you can click on those to visit there. Enjoy.

“Blue Bloods” – E8X17 Close Calls Media

“Blue Bloods” – E8X17 Close Calls Media

Here are the screencaps and video of Treat’s second appearance on BLUE BLOODS as Lenny Ross, the ex-partner of Frank Regan played by Tom Selleck.

“Blue Bloods” – E6X12 Back In The Day Media

“Blue Bloods” – E6X12 Back In The Day Media

Here are the screencaps and video of Treat’s first appearance on BLUE BLOODS as Lenny Ross, the ex-partner of Frank Regan played by Tom Selleck.

Treat To Appear on “Blue Bloods” :: Press Release

Treat To Appear on “Blue Bloods” :: Press Release

More information on Treat’s BLUE BLOODS episode. The title of it is Close Calls. Treat plays the part of Lenny Ross, a part he is reprising for this episode from season six. I’ll have the first episode up soon. Watch this space.

Scoop: Coming Up On All New BLUE BLOODS on CBS – Friday, March 30, 2018

TV Scoop Mar. 12, 2018

On the episode “Close Calls” – After Danny’s brother-in-law, Jimmy (Kevin Dillon), gets caught up with the mob and steals Danny’s credit card, Danny forces Jimmy to take down the mobsters with Baez’s help. Also, Frank has Erin and Anthony investigate if his old partner, Lenny (Treat Williams), is truly guilty of a crime and Jamie is approached by Tariq (Rene Ifrah), an officer who wants his help getting reassigned from his undercover assignment at a mosque, on BLUE BLOODS, Friday, March 30 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

BLUE BLOODS is a drama about a multi-generational family of cops dedicated to New York City law enforcement. Frank Reagan is the New York Police Commissioner, and heads both the police force and the Reagan brood. He runs his department as diplomatically as he runs his family, even when dealing with the politics that plagued his unapologetically bold father, Henry, during his stint as Chief. A source of pride and concern for Frank is his eldest son, Danny, a seasoned detective, family man and Iraq War vet who on occasion uses dubious tactics to solve cases with his partner, Detective Maria Baez. The Reagan women in THE FAMILY include Erin, a New York Assistant D.A. who also serves as the legal compass for her siblings and father, as well as a single parent to her teenage daughter, Nicky.

Jamie is the youngest Reagan, a Harvard Law graduate and the family’s “golden boy.” Unable to deny THE FAMILY tradition, Jamie decided to give up a lucrative future in law and follow in THE FAMILY footsteps as a cop. He’s found a friend and ally in Eddie, his young and eager female partner, who keeps him on his toes, but has very different reasons than the Reagans for joining the police force.


Album Update :: “Howl” Stills

Album Update :: “Howl” Stills

I have an update for the HOWL album. In the film Treat played the part of Mark Schorer, a writer and scholar who was called as a witness in the obscenity trial of poet Alan Ginsberg who was being prosecuted for his poem Howl. The screencaps from the film are already in the gallery and I’ll link those here in this post since I didn’t make an initial post when they were uploaded.

Treat To Return to “Chicago Fire”

Treat To Return to “Chicago Fire”

Treat is set to return for another visit to CHICAGO FIRE as Benny Severide. Hot on the heels of Kelly Severide’s (Taylor Kinney) mother’s return, Severide must contend with the return of his father.

Chicago Fire Mega Buzz: Severide’s Life Is About to Get Even More Complicated

By Keisha Hatchett | Feb 26, 2018 3:14 PM EST

Welcome to Mega Buzz, your go-to place for the latest and greatest spoilers on your favorite TV shows. We know you have questions, and we have answers! If you’re craving scoop on something in particular, e-mail us your question at mega_scoop@tvguide.com or drop us a line at Twitter.com/TVGuide. You can also catch up on all the latest Mega Buzz right here!

Severide’s (Taylor Kinney) past will soon come back to haunt him again on Chicago Fire, but this time, it has nothing to do with his complicated romantic entanglements. With Severide’s mom Jennifer Sheridan (Kim Delaney) already headed to town, we now know that his father Benny (Treat Williams) will also drop by for another one of his frustrating visits, and according to showrunner Derek Haas, that anticipated family reunion won’t exactly be a happy one.

“You’ll see Mama Severide and Papa Severide, who did not have the best relationship, coming together in ways that will torment their son,” showrunner Derek Haas tells TV Guide.

Given that Jennifer suffered a small breakdown after Benny cheated on her — forcing Severide to live with Chicago Med’s April Sexton (Yaya DaCosta) for a short period — you can expect major fireworks when Mama and Papa Severide end up in the same room together. However, they won’t be the only ones drudging up drama for poor Severide.

Chicago P.D. Mega Buzz: Will Voight Be Able to Outrun His Past?

The firefighter’s former mentor Chief Grissom (Gary Cole) will continue to try and use Severide to fuel his own selfish ambitions. “Part of what happens as he’s trying to groom Severide is he thinks, ‘Oh well maybe there’s still some gas left in my own tank and maybe I can start affecting things a little bit more since Severide’s not listening to me,’” Haas explains.

And since Grissom is an old friend of Benny, there’s no telling how he’ll use that relationship to manipulate our beloved hero. Brace yourselves, Severide’s in for a world of torment.

Chicago Fire returns Thursday, Jan. 4 at 10/9c on NBC.


“Chesapeake Shores” Season Two On Home Video

“Chesapeake Shores” Season Two On Home Video

Season two of CHESAPEAKE SHORES has been released. With season three having been greelit the time to release season two was guaranteed. Here is the box art and description. Please click on the Amazon link below to buy.

Season two of the multi-generational family drama Chesapeake Shores follows Abby O Brien, a high-powered career woman, divorcee and mother to twin daughters, as she adjusts to life back in her hometown of Chesapeake Shores. Abby now balances a budding relationship with her former high school sweetheart, Trace, working for a firm that does business with her uncompromising father Mick and raising two young daughters. While Abby s once-estranged mother, Megan, strives to reestablish relationships with Abby and her siblings, the O Brien clan primarily looks to their wise grandmother Nell for guidance as they navigate life, love, career and romance. Based on the novels of the same name by New York Times bestselling author Sherryl Woods. Stars Meghan Ory, Jesse Metcalfe, Treat Williams, Barbara Niven and Diane Ladd.

“Everwood” Now Airing on Hulu

“Everwood” Now Airing on Hulu

The online streaming service Hulu is currently airing Treat’s series EVERWOOD. Treat played the part of the beloved Dr. Andy Brown who transplanted his family from New York to Everwood after the tragic death of his wife played by Brenda Strong. The series aired from 2002-2006 before it was cancelled after four seasons on the CW. The series is notable for having both Chris Pratt and Emily Van Camp as Bright and Amy Abbot pre-Marvel superstardom as Peter Quill/Starlord and Sharon Carter/Agent 13. The show was created by Eli Stone producer Greg Berlanti.

I’m currently working on stills and promotional images from the show for the gallery. I’m also trying to find out if the series is on blu-ray for me to get screencaps up in the gallery.

‘Everwood’ Is Now On Hulu & It’s Been A Long Time Coming For The 2000s Classic

By Dana Getz

Ready your tissue boxes, because Everwood is now on Hulu. The WB tear-jerker has been off the air for more than a decade, but it’s one of the few 2000s gems that had — aside from a stint on the largely underutilized CW Seed — yet to land a streaming home, where modern viewers can discover its story anew and old fans can relive all the heartwarming (and heartbreaking) moments that made it an early aughts classic. Let’s remember: This is the show that first gave us Chris Pratt. Long before he played a lovable goofball on Parks and Recreation, he was the dim but endearing Bright Abbott.

The series, which ran for four seasons from 2002 to 2006, centers on the small town charm of Everwood, Colorado. Following the death of his wife, Dr. Andy Brown (Treat Williams) uproots his family from their home in New York City and moves to the rural mountains of Everwood in search of a fresh start. As an in-demand Manhattan neurosurgeon, he’d lost touch with his kids by prioritizing work, and much of the show centers around his efforts to rebuild their fraying relationships — and, someday, find love once more.

As an aspiring pianist with dreams of attending Juilliard, his 15-year-old son, Ephram (Gregory Smith), is initially reluctant to embrace Everwood, but soon falls for Amy Abbott (Emily VanCamp), sparking an on-again, off-again romance that becomes a driving force in the show. Ephram’s 9-year-old sister Delia, meanwhile, is just doing her best to adjust to her new life and press forward without her mom. What results is a drama filled with sentimental reflections on love, family, and growing up that are wistful as they are touching. So much so that you’re only mildly tempted to roll your eyes through all of the grand gestures and sappy platitudes along the way.

And apparently, the cast and crew think so too. They reunited last August for a panel at the Television Critics Association press tour, where they shared teary-eyed stories from their work on Everwood (executive producer: Rina Mimoun). “We were given emotional work to do, and when people are given work that deep and powerful, when you’re doing scenes like that with people, you’re opening up your guts,” said Tom Amandes, who played Dr. Harold Abbott, of their continued closeness per Variety.

Even Greg Berlanti, now one of TV’s most prolific producers, (see: Riverdale, Supergirl, Black Lightning, and the like), said it remains one of his most personal projects. “People who know this show probably know me better,” he said, though he noted that, when he wrote the pilot, he hadn’t gone through as much tragedy as his characters. He continued at the panel:

“[Everwood came from] wanting to put on TV subject matter that felt like it was in the news but not referenced in dramas. The cornerstone of it was that tragedy makes us real. When we suffer tragedy, we become richer, deeper, more meaningful people.”

Despite the emotionally intense subject matter, though, Everwood accrued a devoted fan base, and longtime stans are very onboard for Everwood’s arrival on Hulu. “EVERYONE stop what you are doing. EVERWOOD IS STREAMING,” wrote one Twitter user. Added another: “EVERWOOD is now on hulu. no one even try to contact me for the next three weeks.” And Pratt’s mentions are assumedly quite crowded. Who knows, maybe this will spark some reboot interest? Four seasons never seemed to be enough.

In any event, you can now add Everwood to your list of nostalgic shows to marathon — or if you missed it the first time around, finally catch up on all the hype.


“American Odyssey” Season One Complete

“American Odyssey” Season One Complete

I’ve finally completed Treat’s role as Col. Stephen Glen from the NBC series AMERICAN ODYSSEY. The show aired for one season in 2015 and was sadly not picked up. Treat was not a nice man in this. He took part in a coverup and played one of the many bad dudes he’s quite good at playing. To get to the album for the series, please click on the title screen below.

Site News

Site News

I’ll be adding things to the gallery I have backlogged. It’ll be very scattered as I try to get all I have up in the gallery. Please be patient as I do this as I have a lot of images to upload. Thanks for your understanding.

Event From 1979 :: “Hair Premiere Party”

Event From 1979 :: “Hair Premiere Party”

In these event images, Treat looks like a baby as he attends the HAIR premiere party with director Milos Forman and one of the composers of the original musical, Gerome Ragni who played the part of George Berger. Click on the images below to go to the album.

Two of Treat’s Films Named Under Appreciated of 1984

Two of Treat’s Films Named Under Appreciated of 1984

The website DenofGeek has named two of Treat’s films as some of the most under appreciated of 1984. In the list, they name FLASHPOINT where Treat played the part of Ernie Wyatt, and the film ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA where Treat played the part of James Conway O’Donnell. Here’s what DenofGeek had to say.

9. Flashpoint

Here’s a brilliantly paranoid throwback to the conspiracy thrillers of the Nixon era – most obviously Parallax View. The chance discovery of a corpse and a partly-buried jeep reveal long-hidden links back to the assassination of John F Kennedy, which spells all sorts of trouble for the Texas cops who unearth the whole affair. Kris Kristofferson and Treat Williams star in a thriller told by director William Tannen in taut, terse fashion.

3. Once Upon A Time In America

Sergio Leone’s sumptuous, punishingly long drama about organized crime in New York was subjected to a brutal edit for its North American release. Chopped down from 229 minutes to 139, the edited Once Upon A Time In America was scorned by critics for its lack of coherence, and largely shunned by audiences. It was a cruel fate for a superbly acted and mounted film, with Robert De Niro and James Woods both magnificent as Jewish gangsters climbing the ranks of Prohibition-era Manhattan.

If you can’t spend the near four hours of attention the film requires, our advice is to watch it in two parts. Woods once described Once Upon A Time In America as Leone’s finest film. He may well be right.


Treat Set To Star in “Man of LaMancha”

Treat Set To Star in “Man of LaMancha”

Double post today. Looks like Treat will be a busy bee. Not only is he starring in the Hallmark series of films CHESAPEAKE SHORES, but he’s also scheduled to take the stage in a production of MAN OF LAMANCHA at the Weston, Vermont playhouse.

Weston’s 2016 season reflects growing national stature

Weston Playhouse has been “breaking a leg” for 80 years and will be celebrating with not one, but two gala seasons. The summer 2016 season will begin the celebration, opening with “Man of La Mancha” starring Treat Williams, and feature the long-running Broadway hit “Mamma Mia!”

“There are barely more than a dozen theaters in the country that have achieved that (80 year) standing,” Producing Artistic Director Steve Stettler explained in a phone interview.

“Happily for Weston, we’ve got to that point where our age starts to look equal to our accomplishments,” he said. “More important than that is that this needs to be a celebration not so much of our past but of our future.”

The 2016 main stage season also includes “Round and Round the Garden,” the third play in British playwright Alan Ayckbourn’s comic trilogy, and the Arthur Miller classic “All My Sons,” continuing Weston’s American Masters series. The intimate Other Stages productions, including the annual children’s show, will be announced when details have been confirmed.

The company is also in the midst of a $10 million capital campaign to create a year-round cultural center for retreats, workshops and performances on its village campus. For its second year of celebration, Weston hopes to open its Walker Farm arts center, including a state-of-the-art studio theater, in 2017.

Weston Playhouse Theatre Company is Vermont’s oldest professional theater company and has long been the benchmark for the state. But, more and more, with its top-notch productions such as last season’s “Guys and Dolls” and “The Glass Menagerie,” and its development of new musical theater, Weston is seen as competitive nationally.

“This is a vibrant and important company that is making a major contribution in its own home state and region, but is increasingly making work that is recognized on a national level,” Stettler said.

Part of Weston’s success comes from its “Vermont values.”

“What’s really special about Weston is we have the combination of a high level of artistry and a high level of humanity,” Stettler said. “There are a lot of companies around the country that do really good work and are not fun places to be on the inside. And there are plenty of places around the country — which Weston was — that are not doing the work that they would like to or should, but are creating family.

“Weston is finally at the point where it’s doing both. And I can say that with huge confidence,” he said.

The main stage season will open with “Man of La Mancha” (June 28-July 16), starring Williams. Having launched his career with the Broadway production of “Grease” and the film version of “Hair,” Williams will return to the musical stage as Cervantes/Don Quixote under the direction of Tony winner Wayne Cilento (“The Who’s Tommy,” “Wicked”).

“Treat is so pumped about doing this piece and bringing his friend Wayne Cilento, who is Broadway royalty as much as Treat is industry royalty,” Stettler said. “That Weston gives them a playground for them to do this together is just so exciting for them and for us.”

In collaboration with Dorset Theatre Festival and White River Junction’s Northern Stage, Weston will produce “Round and Round the Garden” (July 21-30), of the “The Norman Conquests.” The three companies will share a cast and creative team in bringing the trilogy to life, encouraging audiences to follow the exploits that take place in and around an English country house on a summer weekend.

Weston is one of the first regional theaters to secure the rights to “Mamma Mia!” (Aug. 4-20), one of the longest running shows in Broadway history, a feel-good musical based on the songs of ABBA. Producing founding director Tim Fort (“42nd Street,” “Les Misérables”) reunites with choreographer Michael Raine (“Guys and Dolls,” “A Chorus Line”) to deliver this blockbuster.

Continuing its five-year American Masters series, Weston celebrates Miller’s 100th birthday with “All My Sons” (Aug. 25-Sept. 4). Director Mary B. Robinson (Weston’s “Copenhagen”) will be at the helm of this Tony-winning play. It will include lectures, a statewide teachers workshop, school matinees and a performance at the Flynn Center in Burlington.

“This is a portrait of a company that I’ve always wanted us to be, that we’re finally beginning to show that we are,” Stettler said. “This coming season gives a picture of where Weston playhouse is — and where it’s going.”

For further details about the Weston 2016 season, sign up for the company’s eNews at www.westonplayhouse.org.


Treat To Star In Hallmark Series

Treat To Star In Hallmark Series

After the cancellation of AMERICAN ODYSSEY, Treat will be starring in a series of films from the novels called CHESAPEAKE SHORES. Treat will star alongside Jesse Metcalfe, Diane Lane, and Barbara Niven. Treat will be playing the part of Mick O’Brien. Here’s hoping the best for it. More news as it becomes available.

Treat Williams & More to Star in Hallmark Channel’s CHESAPEAKE SHORES Movie Series

Hallmark CHANNEL announces the start of production on “Chesapeake Shores,” a series of Hallmark CHANNEL original movies debuting on the network in 2016. The film is based on the novels of the same name by New York Times bestselling author Sherryl Woods. Jesse Metcalfe (“Dallas,” “Desperate Housewives”) stars alongside Meghan Ory (“Once Upon A Time”), Golden Globe(R) nominated actor Treat Williams (“Everwood,” “Hair”), Academy Award(R) nominee Diane Ladd (“Wild At Heart”) and Barbara Niven (“Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove”) in this epic, multi-generational family drama.

“It is a true honor to bring to life Sherry Woods’ captivating novel of family and forgiveness,” said Michelle Vicary, Executive Vice President, Programming and Publicity, Crown Media Family Networks. “This amazing, all-star cast will expertly portray Woods’ emotional, poignant and romantically woven story. We know our audience will be as taken and swept away by ‘Chesapeake Shores’ as we are.”

Ory portrays Abby O’Brien – a high-powered career woman, divorcee and mother to two young daughters. After years away from her family, she takes a trip from New York City to her hometown of Chesapeake Shores. The visit brings her face to face with her past, including her high school sweetheart Trace (Metcalfe), her undemonstrative father Mick (Williams), her daring sister Jess, and her beloved grandmother Nell. This trip also makes Abby notice the toll her career has taken on her ability to be a hands-on mother to her daughters. As she spends more time in her charming hometown, Abby begins to consider a permanent move to the town she once called home — Chesapeake Shores.

Metcalfe portrays Trace Riley, a handsome musician who was Abby’s first love. After high school, Abby abruptly left Trace and Chesapeake Shores without warning, an action he has never forgiven her for. Trace eventually follows his dreams to become a musician, only to return to Chesapeake Shores years later and find that Abby, too, is back in their hometown. The two remember what they once had, sparking deep and unresolved emotions.

Williams portrays Mick O’Brien, the commanding patriarch of the O’Brien clan. Mick’s wife walked out on him years ago, leaving him a single father working hard to provide for his family. Unfortunately his work took precedent, which made him emotionally unavailable to his children. When his daughter Abby returns home, it marks a new beginning for Mick and Abby as they work to reconnect and repair their strained relationship.

Ladd portrays Nell O’Brien, the beloved matriarch of the O’Brien clan and Mick’s mother. She is a warm, maternal and wise woman — with a lovely Irish lilt – who took over rearing of the O’Brien brood when her son’s wife, Megan, abandons the family. Through the decades, she is the glue that keeps the fractious, fractured family together.

Niven portrays Megan, Mick O’Brien’s estranged wife.

Dan Paulson is the executive producer. Martin Wood is the director and executive producer. Vicki Sotheran and Greg Malcolm are the producers. Nancey Silvers is the writer and executive producer, based on the books by Sherryl Woods, who also serves as an executive producer.


“American Odyssey” Season 1 Screencaps

“American Odyssey” Season 1 Screencaps

I know I’m behind in Treat’s episodes of AMERICAN ODYSSEY, and I’m sincerely sorry. My mom died May 16 and I’ve had a ton of things to do to settle her estate. Considering the finale is coming up in two weeks, I’m going to wait till I have the next two episodes done and post them all at once. Thank you for understanding.

Treat To Debut “Catatonk Blues” At Wadsworth Film Festival

Treat To Debut “Catatonk Blues” At Wadsworth Film Festival

Treat’s new film is getting a debut at a local film festival.

Actor Treat Williams To Preview His New Film At Wadsworth


10:12 a.m. EDT, June 19, 2015

Robert Mrazek was a U.S. Congressman from New York for 10 years. A few years ago, he wrote a screenplay about a U.S. Congressman at a crossroads in his life. To embody the character, the Maine resident sought out another New Englander: veteran star Treat Williams.

“He wrote this lovely story about a man, a Vietnam vet and a Congressman, who has a very bad day. He turns it into a kind of life-changing event that takes place over the course of three days,” Williams said. “It’s in the spirit of films like Frank Capra’s films. There’s a very old-school feel to it.”

Williams, Mrazek and their collaborators are shopping the movie around to film festivals. Williams is hosting a sneak preview of “The Congressman” at Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art in Hartford on Friday, June 26. He will open the evening with an onstage Q&A with movie critic Rex Reed.

Williams lives in Manchester, Vt., with his wife, Pam, and daughter, Eleanor. Their son, Gill, is grown and working in the TV industry. In a phone interview from Manchester, Williams said that when he first read “The Congressman,” it reminded him of a film he tried to get made years earlier.

“I grew up in a lobster-fishing town in Connecticut, Rowayton, which at the time was on the other side of the tracks from Darien, real working-class,” he said. “A few years ago I … tried to make a film about a lobster fisherman who tries to make a life change. It never got made.

“Then I read this. Oddly, this script is nothing like the story I told, but it is set in Maine and it is about rediscovering your roots and what makes you happy in life,” he said. “It’s about coming home.”

Mrazek told the Boothbay (Maine) Register in 2013, when the movie was going into post-production, that the story was inspired by a fishing-zone dispute fought by a Monhegan Island lobster fisherman in the ’90s.

Internet Movie Database describes the movie: “Newly divorced, battered by the media, betrayed by friends, eight-term Congressman Charlie Winship is tired of Washington politics and the corruption of the special-interest lobbyists. Only upon meeting his constituents on [the fictional] Catatonk Island lying 20 miles off the Maine coast does Charlie find the strength once again to fight the good fight and find a love interest to fill his heart.”

The movie was shot in Maine, primarily on Monhegan Island, where Mrazek and director Jared Martin both own homes. Augusta fills in for Washington, D.C., and other scenes were shot in Rockland. It also stars “Pretty Little Liars” actor Ryan Merriman, “Person of Interest” star Elizabeth Marvel, as well as Josh Mostel, George Hamilton and Fritz Weaver.

A Life In Film

Williams, 62, got his colorful first name from distant relative Robert Treat Paine, a signer of the Declaration of Independence. He graduated from Kent School in Connecticut, then Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, Pa.

When he started in show-biz he did musicals and comedies on stage, including playing Danny Zuko in “Grease” on Broadway. His first lead role in a movie was in the 1979 musical “Hair,” in which he played the hippie Berger, who makes a crucial mistake in the name of friendship.

“[‘Hair’ director] Milos Forman came and saw me. He was with Baryshnikov. He said to me, ‘Treat, I have to tell you, you do something very few actors do, you go completely overboard,’” he said. “I still don’t know if that was a compliment or whether he was warning me. After 12 auditions, I won the role.”

He broke into film drama with the lead role in “Prince of the City,” the 1981 thriller about a conflicted cop in a corrupt city. That changed how people saw him. “I went from being a lightweight musical-comedy guy to a guy who shouldn’t do comedy now, the serious cop guy,” he said.

Over the years has worked steadily, including playing a union boss in Sergio Leone’s saga, “Once Upon a Time in America,” portraying a menacing stranger in the coming-of-age tale ‘Smooth Talk” and an unhinged ex-gangster in the off-kilter noir “Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead.” He also had the lead role, as a neurosurgeon who moves from New York to Colorado, in the TV series “Everwood,” from 2002 to 2006.

He is especially proud of “Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead.” “I played a psychopath,” he said. “I finally broke the mold. After that, I don’t think anyone said ‘I see what he does.’”

Deborah Gaudet, curator of film and theater at the Atheneum, praised Williams’ versatility. “He is equally as convincing playing a friendly neighbor, or a disciplined military man, or a sleazy creep. He is credible in serious roles, yet has great comedic timing,” Gaudet said. She said Williams and Reed have known each other for years. “I am sure the discussion will be very entertaining,” she said.

Williams said his next role has a lot in common with “The Congressman”: He’ll play another politician. He said he has been cast to play Ted Kennedy in “Confirmation,” an HBO movie directed by Rick Famuyiwa on the 1991 Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings. Kerry Washington has been cast to play Anita Hill, Wendell Pierce to play Thomas and Greg Kinnear to play Joe Biden.

A SPECIAL NIGHT WITH TREAT WILLIAMS AND REX REED will be on Friday, June 26, at Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, 600 Main St. in Hartford. A reception will be held starting at 5 p.m., Williams and Reed will hold an onstage conversation starting at 6 p.m. and a sneak preview of “The Congressman” will be shown at 7 p.m. Admission is $25, $22 members, film and conversation only $12, members $10, seniors and students $11, Insider Access $5. thewadsworth.org.


Treat Williams Joins HBO’s “Confirmation”

Treat Williams Joins HBO’s “Confirmation”

The Hollywood Reporter has reported that Treat has been added to the cast of an upcoming HBO drama called CONFIRMATION. The film is about Clarence Thomas Supreme Court hearings. Treat will be playing the late Lion of the Senate, Ted Kennedy. I’m not going to go out on a limb here to say this, but this is perfect casting. I’m sure Treat will do the late senator justice.

Treat Williams, Bill Irwin Join HBO’s ‘Confirmation’ (Exclusive)

June 05, 2015 12:42pm PT by Lesley Goldberg , Kate Stanhope

HBO’ Confirmation is adding to its impressive cast list once again.

Treat Williams and Bill Irwin are the latest actors to join the upcoming TV movie about Clarence Thomas’ Supreme Court confirmation hearings, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Confirmation, from HBO Films, details the explosive 1991 Supreme Court nomination hearings (at which Anita Hill testified), which brought the country to a standstill and forever changed the way people think about sexual harassment, victims’ rights and modern-day race relations.

Williams has been cast as Ted Kennedy, who was one of Thomas’ biggest critics. He famously pressed Thomas about his unwillingness to express an opinion about Roe v. Wade during the hearings. Irwin will play John Danforth, who used his clout in Washington D.C. to boost the confirmation of Thomas, who had worked for Danforth for many years during his terms as Attorney General of Missouri and Senator.

Scandal’s Kerry Washington stars as Hill and Treme’s Wendell Pierce will play Thomas. The cast also includes Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet, Jennifer Hudson, Jeffrey Wright, Alison Wright andGreg Kinnear, the latter who will play Vice President Joe Biden. (And who also, coincidentally, played a Kennedy in the 2011 miniseries The Kennedys.)

Academy Award-nominated writer Susannah Grant (Erin Brockovich) will pen the script and executive produce the drama, which hails from Groundswell Productions in association with ABC Signature. Groundswell CEO Michael London (ABC’s upcoming soap The Astronaut Wives Club) and production president Janice Williams will executive produce alongside Grant and Washington. Dope’s Rick Famuyiwa will direct the TV movie, which will begin production in early summer.

Williams, whose credits include Everwood and Chicago Fire, can currently be seen on American Odyssey. He is repped by APA and Lasher Group. Irwin’s credits include Interstellar, Law & Order: SVU and CSI. He is repped by Innovative Artists and Viking Entertainment.


“American Odyssey” Episode Update

“American Odyssey” Episode Update

My apologies for now having these up before now, however, I’ve been having some personal issues that have made it impossible for me to get these updates up. My 91 year-old mother has had to be admitted to the hospital and my attentions have been toward her. I hope you’ll understand. Anyway, I have Treat’s last three AMERICAN ODYSSEY episodes for you. Still not enough of Col. Glen for my liking, but when he’s on Treat makes a huge impact. I’m loving this show explicitly for it’s daring to go where other network shows won’t. This whole arc with Odell (Anna Friel) is somewhat reminiscent of the story of American Jessica Lynch, a private in the army who was supposedly taken prisoner by the Iraqis back in the early phase of Operation Iraqi Freedom. The controversy was over the fact that the story turned out to be largely untrue of Lynch’s imprisonment. But this show is giving us a somewhat daring view of the ability of the government to cover up unpleasant events.


“American Odyssey” – E1X03 Beat Feet Screencaps & E1X04 Promo

“American Odyssey” – E1X03 Beat Feet Screencaps & E1X04 Promo

Here are the screencaps from tonight’s thrilling episode of AMERICAN ODYSSEY. Treat had a really good scene as Col. Glen where he got a little testy with the young Jake Robinson (Harrison Walters). It seemed to me tonight the plot was ratcheted up a few notches. We get a little bit more of Treat in next week’s promo included below. Enjoy.


    NOTE: The Youtube video associated with the promo has been deleted by the uploader NBCUNIVERSAL.

“American Odyssey” Episodic Stills

“American Odyssey” Episodic Stills

I have some HQ stills from AMERICAN ODYSSEY for you. Three episodes worth. Treat looking amazing in uniform.



“American Odyssey” – E1x02 Oscar Mike Screencaps

“American Odyssey” – E1x02 Oscar Mike Screencaps

A bit of Treat in last night’s AMERICAN ODYSSEY episode. Any little bit is a good thing. I’m hoping by the previews for next week and further we’ll get more, though what we did see of Treat was indeed a small treat. I’m loving him as Col. Glen. My gosh he looks smashing in uniform. I have more from the show for you after this post. Stay tuned.


Magazine Scan :: TV Guide – The Marketing of “American Odyssey”

Magazine Scan :: TV Guide – The Marketing of “American Odyssey”

An article from TV Guide USA telling how AMERICAN ODYSSEY was marketed. It’s a good read. Click on the image below to get the readable version.


“American Odyssey” E1X02 Oscar Mike Preview

“American Odyssey” E1X02 Oscar Mike Preview

Here is the preview for the next episode of AMERICAN ODYSSEY. Enjoy.

NOTE: The Youtube video attached to this post has been deleted by the source, NBCUNIVERSAL.

“American Odyssey” E1X01 Gone Elvis Screencaps & Promo/Stills

“American Odyssey” E1X01 Gone Elvis Screencaps & Promo/Stills

I have Treat’s first episode of AMERICAN ODYSSEY for you. Overall a really good series opener. I really like Treat’s character of Col. Stephen Glen, and the whole premise of the show. This show has so far a twelve episode order and will air into June. As a mid-season replacement, I’m hoping it gets really good numbers so if you’re a Treat fan, please watch and get the show trending on Twitter using the hashtag #nbcodyssey. That will help.



Treat Talks About “American Odyssey” and His Character Col Glen

Treat Talks About “American Odyssey” and His Character Col Glen

Treat talks about his new show AMERICAN ODYSSEY and his character Col. Stephen Glen.

NOTE: The video associated with this article has been removed from Youtube due to the removal of the account.

Happy Birthday Treat

Happy Birthday Treat

On behalf of SALT OF THE EARTH, I’d like to wish Treat the happiest of days. He turns a very young 63 today. Take care Treat. Have a ball today. Fly high dear sir.

New 2014 Event Added

New 2014 Event Added

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I’ve had some projects that have taken precedent and I needed to concentrate on those. However, I do have an event for you. Treat attended the 30th Anniversary of the release of his 1984 film ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA back in September. Enjoy.

  • [014] EVENT IMAGES: 09/27/2014 – “Once Upon A Time In America” Photo Call – 52nd New York Film Festival


Some Information on “Odyssey”

Some Information on “Odyssey”

NBC has finally put up a page on Treat’s new show. Information is as follows:

In this “Traffic”-like action drama, an international conspiracy explodes when three strangers’ lives unexpectedly collide – a female soldier, a corporate lawyer and a political activist.

After a team of American soldiers battle jihadists in North Africa, they’re shocked to find that one of the men they killed is Al Qaeda’s top man. Sergeant Odelle Ballard – a soldier, mother, wife and the unit’s only female member – discovers computer files that suggest a major U.S. corporation is funding the jihadists. But before she can tell anyone, her team is attacked and left for dead. News is reported that the unit was wiped out, but the truth is that Odelle survived and is the only witness to her unit’s assassination by U.S. Special Forces.

In New York, former U.S. Attorney Peter Decker is working on a merger deal for the same company that was funneling money to the jihadists. And meanwhile, Harrison Walters, a political activist and trust fund kid, meets a hacker who claims to have unearthed a massive military-industrial conspiracy. And he’s right: he’s stumbled onto the cover-up that began with Odelle and will soon be out in the open… and everyone’s lives will be in danger. The only way they’ll ever save their country, their families and themselves is by joining forces and exposing the people behind it.

From director Peter Horton (“Grey’s Anatomy”) comes a complex journey through global politics, military secrets and three strangers who only have one thing in common… the truth.

One-hour drama


A Few of Treat’s Films

A Few of Treat’s Films

I have three of Treat’s films for you. All of them Treat pretty much had small parts, but he no less made the most of his screen time proving yet again what an amazing actor he is. I think though Treat and James Franco are following each other around. The two were in two films together, each quite different. They are:

• (2013) REACHING FOR THE MOON — The film takes place in the 1950s and Treat plays Robert Lowell, a poet and stars actress Miranda Otto as American poet Elizabeth Bishop.

• (2010) 127 HOURS — Treat plays James Franco’s father in what could loosely be called a cameo. Treat has no lines in the film that depicts the harrowing 127 hours that climber and caver Aron Ralston’s fight for survival after falling into a crevasse while out enjoying nature. Ralston had to resort to cutting his arm off in order to free himself from the fall.

• (2010) HOWL — Treat plays the part of Mark Schorer who testified in court about the early work of Beatnick poet Alan Ginsberg and the writing of his book Howl.

Please check out all these films. They are all amazing and though Treat’s roles are minimal, that does not detract from the fact they are quite good Indie flicks.

“C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation” – E14X22 Dead In His Tracks Screencaps

“C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation” – E14X22 Dead In His Tracks Screencaps

Treat was amazing in this episode. He never ceases to amaze me with both the depth of his performance as well as that killer Williams smile. Congrats Treat on such good work.


NBC Picks up “Odyssey”

NBC Picks up “Odyssey”

This is good news. I’m looking forward to seeing Treat again on a regular basis.

NBC Orders Action Drama ‘Odyssey’ to Series

NBC has issued a series order for “Odyssey,” a “‘Traffic’-like” action drama.

The series follows a female soldier, a corporate lawyer and a political activist as their lives unexpectedly collide after an international conspiracy explodes.

“Odyssey” stars “Pushing Daisies’” Anna Friel (pictured) as Sgt. Odelle Ballard and “Nurse Jackie’s” Peter Facinelli as Attorney Peter Drucker. The cast also includes Jake Robinson, Jim True-Forst, Treat Williams, Nate Mooney, Elena Kampouris, Daniella Pineda, Sadie Sink, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje and Omar Ghazaoui.

The series hails from writer-director Peter Horton, who exec produces along with writers Adam Armus (“The Following”) and Nora Kay Foster (“Heroes”). Simon Maxwell (“Off the Hook”), Mikkel Bondesen (“Burn Notice”), Henrik Bastin (“Burn Notice”) and Kristen Campo (“The Killing”) also exec produce.

The show comes from Universal Television, Fabrik Entertainment and Red Arrow Entertainment Group.


Treat Williams :: “White Collar” Season Four

Treat Williams :: “White Collar” Season Four

I have Treat’s recurring role as Samuel Phelps/James Bennett from the series WHITE COLLAR, soon to end it’s six year run. Treat’s character was the father of the star of the show Neal Caffrey played by Matt Bomer. In my not-so-humble opinion, I think Treat did an amazing job with the role. He showed a level of complexity not really seen on television today. The twists and turns of this character were fascinating to watch and showed again why Treat is one of our national treasures. His final episode called In the Wind really culminated well, showing us Bennett’s inner motivation. I’m not sure with Treat’s current status on his new series ODYSSEY, whether it will allow him to return to WHITE COLLAR but I would really love to see him return, if not but to give closure to his character whether that be in the positive or negative. Here’s hoping. I have the screencaps from all the episodes plus some stills and behind the scenes images from selected episodes.

Album Update

Album Update

I’ve updated an album from 1981. Treat attended an event with then girlfriend Dana Delaney. Enjoy.


Treat Joins “Odyssey”

Treat Joins “Odyssey”

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Treat has joined the cast of the NBC show ODYSSEY. The show is being filmed in Boston, which is advantageous for Treat since he lives in nearby Vermont. Not sure what this means in terms of his returning to both CHICAGO FIRE and WHITE COLLAR but we know he’ll be amazing in it.

Treat Williams to Co-Star in NBC Drama ‘Odyssey’

Treat Williams is staying put at NBC.

The Everwood alum, who has been recurring on Chicago Fire, has joined the cast of the network’s drama pilot Odyssey, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Odyssey centers on three families who are torn apart when a stranded female soldier (Pushing Daisies’ Anna Friel), a disillusioned corporate attorney (Nurse Jackie’s Peter Facinelli) and a disrespected political activist (The Carrie Diaries’ Jake Robinson) are pulled into the same shocking international military conspiracy.

Williams will play Col. Glen, a significant member of the cover-up of the assassination of the 24th Special Ops unit. His character is an expert at being simultaneously upbeat and duplicitous.

Williams, who is repped by APA and The Lasher Group, is a three-time Golden Globe nominee who picked up an Emmy mention for 1996’s The Late Shift. He will next be seen in Reaching for the Moon with Miranda Otto and Barefoot alongside Evan Rachel Wood and Scott Speedman. His credits include 127 Hours, Deadfall and critical favorite Everwood.

The Following’s Adam Armus and Kay Foster will pen the script and executive produce Odyssey alongside Peter Horton, who will direct the pilot and pen episodes should the project move forward. Nate Mooney, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Daniella Pineda and Elena Kampouris co-star.


Treat Williams :: Event Images Added 1979-2012

Treat Williams :: Event Images Added 1979-2012

I have added a whole lot of event images of Treat to the gallery. The first official uploads to the site. They range from the premiere of Treat’s breakout hit HAIR where he played George Berger, through to as current as I have from 2012. I’m not going to link you directly to all the years I have added, only the main section through one of my favourite images. Enjoy.

  • [770] EVENT IMAGES: 1979-2012

Hello & Welcome To Salt of the Earth :: Treat Williams Online

Hello & Welcome To Salt of the Earth :: Treat Williams Online

Hello and welcome to SALT OF THE EARTH :: TREAT WILLIAMS ONLINE a site dedicated to the wonderfully talented actor/writer/producer/director/author and aviator Treat Williams. This site has come as a bit of a shock to me in terms of the shortness at which I erected it. Treat has been a favourite of mine since seeing him in the 1979 Milos Forman musical HAIR as the draft-card burning hippie George Berger. Treat caught my eye in a big way with his amazing ability to convey so much through the character and with the sheer force of his brilliance. I’ve since become quite a fan of his and this website is my tribute to him and his continuing career. Please come along with me in celebrating this unique talent and to keep up on Treat’s past, present and future work.